Our Services: Individuals

Let us provide you with Peace of Mind by having a legal professional prepare your important estate documents.


for in-person and virtual services provided by a lawyer in Canada

Last Will & Testament $500

Personal and Property Power of Attorney $400

Total $900.00*

Through Upper Canada WILLS

RCMPVA members can take advantage of a

on these services

negotiated through our network of lawyers (notaries in Quebec)

RCMPVA Member Fees



*Plus applicable tax. 

**Plus applicable tax. Please note that this fee includes $95.00 payable by RCMPVA members directly to Upper Canada WILLS for the marketing and promotion of the member program to the RCMPVA members and the royalty donation directly to the Association as part of the RCMPVA Benefit. The balance of $355.00 is paid by RCMPVA members to the Lawyer doing their estate documentation.

Note that this significant discount in fees was negotiated by Upper Canada WILLS with licensed lawyers offering estate documentation via virtual meetings between the lawyer’s office and their client’s home. In the event that separate or supplementary estate documentation is required by the RCMPVA member, an additional fee may be negotiated directly with the Lawyer who will be preparing the estate documentation.